Property Description

Location: Long Paradise Lake, Township of Freeborn, District of Rainy River.
Twelve miles north of Quetico Provincial Park and five miles from Atikokan on the Steep Rock Lake Road.
One and a quarter mile south of Provincial Highway 622. 100 Yards from the Wagita Bay Road
Property Includes:114 acres of mixed forest, 50 acre lake, a sedge meadow, a sphagnum bog, a beaver pond and a stream. There is a small winterized log cabin.
The property is in the same geological formation as the Black Fly Occurrence, a proven gold deposit owned at one time by Hollinger Consolidated.
Municipal - $417.45, Mining $183.91, Licence of Occupation, $103.21
A paved road runs through the southern end of the property. The site can also be reached via the Wagita Bay Rd. (rough but passable). There is a place beside the road at the north end of the lake where you can launch a canoe and in the winter you can come in form the highway (662) by snowmobile or skiis.
The ForestMixed Aspen, Balsam Fir, White Birch, Jack Pine, Balsam Poplar, Red Maple.
Isolated stands of Black Spruce, White Spruce, Red PIne, White Pine, Eastern White Cedar, Tamarack
Average age of the stand [removed phone] years
The LakeShallow, with reefs, islands and promontories. There is a sandy beach (of sorts) in the NE Bay. Years ago, Long Paradise Lake was the source of potable water for the now defunct Steep Rock Mine. There appear to be no Walleyes or Pike in the lake but it does contain vast numbers of undersized Yellow Perch, White Suckers and Red-bellied Dace. There are also Central Mud Minnows, Rainbow Darters and other minnow species. Midland Painted Turtles are present in abundance and there are a few very large Snapping Turtles.
WildlifeThe following species are common: Moose, white tailed deer, red fox, otter, mink, snow shoe hare, beaver, red squirrel, eastern and western chipmunk, red back vole, deer mouse, short tailed weasel, masked shrews.
More rare but present are: grey wolf, black bear, raccoon, marten, muskrat, meadow vole, bats (in the old mine shafts)
There are no porcupine, woodchucks or skunks.
BirdsBald Eagle, Turkey Vulture, Broad winged and red shouldered Hawk, raven, crow, blue jay, gray jay, Pileated woodpecker, double crested cormorant, common merganser, mallard, common loon.
The CabinCedar log construction. 14 by 16 feet. Insulated with sphagnum moss. Furnished - i.e. bed, table, chair, stove

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